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Hour Xscape is an entirely different EXPERIENCE. We have thoughtfully crafted every detail to provide you and your group a unique experience that brings you together and wanting more. 

FOUNDER Corban Enns

So, what is it?

Escape rooms are traditionally a collection of puzzles and riddles that that a group of people have to figure out within a limited time in order to “escape”. Thus, the Escape Room (P.S. you’re not really locked in the room as I don’t think the Fire Marshal likes that kind of thing). Hour Xscape is even more than that.

Imagine going to a movie with a group of friends. Fun times, right? But you can’t talk during the movie, or really engage. You’re just observing. A bystander. Now, add some drinks and some grub and you’ve just improved the experience. However, you’re still not engaged. You’re not part of the story.

Here is the difference.

Hour Xscape puts you into the story. Hour, because your story lasts 60 minutes and Xscape because you’re trying to solve the riddles within the time frame. You’re the FBI Agent, Art Collector, Terrorist Cell Operative, Corporate Espionage or Victim. Each experience engages you and tells a story. It gives you and your group an experience like no other. You don’t just find keys, open locks, or move stones. You’re completely immersed into the experience.

So come one, have a drink, plan, and plot on how you’ll figure out the next puzzle or watch as another group tries to figure their way out.

Why an Escape Room?

How Does it Work?


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What to Expect

Each Experience is based on a story. As you engage in the story, you’ll find clues, puzzles, and mysteries that you’ll need to solve to complete the story and Xscape from your experience. Some are physical puzzles (like find a screw driver to open the vent), some are mental (like solving a sequencing problems), and sometimes the story becomes the answer (like discovering your name). We have a variety of experiences that are waiting for you to become part the story. Thrillers, Criminal Mystery, Horror, and Sci-Fi. Each experience contains various challenges to create a unique story for you and your group. No two stories are the same so you can come back again and again!

Book a unique experience for your next birthday party, corporate training, team building, or ladies night out. It will be 60 minutes that you won’t regret!

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What We Offer

Yes, we some awesome stories where you have an hour to solve the puzzle. But we also offer more. We have a bar where you can enjoy a tasty beverage before or after your experience. We also provide corporate training (with true business professionals), group races, birthday celebrations, stag parties, bachlorette parties, men vs. women, singles night, wine and cheese for your friends and loves ones to watch you in your experiences. We have thought of it all. And, if we haven’t, let us know what your crazy idea is and maybe we can make it happen!

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